Submissive or Girlfriend?

I believe the answer in this question is mostly personal interpretation and not a subject of some rule or “lifestyle must”. However I do believe there is a great misunderstanding which I would like to explain. Apparently my approach is based on my personal preference which can be simply described by submissive girlfriend.  Continue reading “Submissive or Girlfriend?”

Does a Dominant grows more dominative?

Recently I’ve been involved in a discussion coming from a submissive questioning if she should expect a Dom to become more dominative when their relationship becomes stronger or it makes more sense he will get softer. It is indeed a valid question and I find the topic really interesting so I thought to post an article  Continue reading “Does a Dominant grows more dominative?”

The submissive way

Recently I was reading an article of a a submissive talking about her thoughts regarding a Dom who most likely is shy or at least appears as one. What she was saying is that she will go for him and make the first move if she has to but questioned if this is truly the submissive way. Now I think this is a very interesting concept to help us understand better the lifestyle  Continue reading “The submissive way”

Knowledge is Key to play Safe

Being into BDSM there are plenty of different “plays” that you might like to get involved with. As I say the lifestyle can be mental, physical or both so whatever you like to get involved with there is a big requirement of knowledge in order to play safe. Doing the x what impact has to your partners body and the z what impact is going to have to their mental-emotional status? So let us check a “map”  Continue reading “Knowledge is Key to play Safe”

Keep calm and walk her

For my regular readers this post’s title is quite straight forward. For those who read me first time it might sound puzzling if you are not into petplay. I am really fond of petplay and mostly into puppy play. I love to see my sub as my pet, with a collar, a leash and even a nice tail though I am not into furries.  There is a strange way this works inside me and actually it is in a very contradicting way which I will explain below. Continue reading “Keep calm and walk her”