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Master P BDSM world
Master P BDSM world

Welcome to my blog.I am Master P, an individual active in BDSM lifestyle for the past 15 years. Before I start talking about this world, my world, I would like to say this site is not for minors. I would ask you politely if you are not of legal age to leave this site. Secondly I would like to let you know that my native language is not English so be prepared to spot mistakes now and then. Hopefully the spelling system will help keep them at a minimum level.

What am I doing here on and why I start this blog? Is there anything I try to achieve? I do not know if I want to achieve something to be honest, mostly this site is about the way I believe BDSM should be, or what BDSM should not be. It is exactly the reason I call this site as “BDSM world of Master P”, it is my personal approach to the lifestyle. The main reason that made me start this blog again originates from things i see and I can’t understand how they got there as for example relating, bonding if i may say the BDSM culture with other cultures. Why? Because some Marketing guy in some place of the world most probably completely ignorant to this world decided that is a “great” idea to increase profit?

So let me be straight about all this. BDSM is a lot more of what many people thing it is. It is a lifestyle, it has a philosophical background and mostly it is a pure expression of nature. Some people are talented to lead and some to follow. That doesn’t have to do with how important one is, there is no shame in following and no pride in leading only different responsibilities that we all have to face them at some point of our life. The example I use is our hand. Our fingers are not of equal size and can’t perform same tasks all of them but they are all equally important.  So yes, in my world I lead and any partner follows, but again that doesn’t mean she is a person without will, desires, emotions or even the freedom to take initiatives, quite the opposite I would say.

I will discuss a lot of subjects in my blog page so I will stop here. Feel free to get in touch with me, ask questions or even share your opinion. It doesn’t matter if you are in the lifestyle or even if you have no clue at all as long as you keep respect to my lifestyle and those who share the same interests with me. For the same reason any comments before published will have to be approved but I promise I will not block anything negative.

One last notice, most of my posts if not all will have my own approach so it will be the way a Master is related with a female slave or a Dom with a female submissive (I will explain at some point the differences between those definitions for those who don’t know it).

Thank you for reading and i hope you will enjoy your time in my world.

Master P


1) I don’t claim this is how things should be done, nor that i know something others don’t.I don’t claim I am better than anyone or that I have some type of higher knowledge. I only say what I believe, how I see it, how I like to apply this lifestyle in my life. This is why it is called world of Master P. If others will agree I will be happy to see i am not alone. If they don’t, well, i already know that most don’t see the things the way i do

2) I dont encourage anyone at all to do what I say or what I like. This is only a place where I state my opinion on certain subjects that might also be usefull to some people who wish to learn or compare ideas. Nothing more or nothing less. 

110 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Very interesting and titillating, as I am considering this lifestyle. Thank you for taking the time to educate us on this very interesting and unique subject, Master P.

  2. Can you reccommend a book or video for a submissive? I’m a newbie so any help would be great. I’m trying to get the hubby to give me what I need. Any suggestions would be great!!

    1. I would suggeat a movie, the secretary. It ia a comedy therefore is using exaggeration to bring lough yet I believe has its own way to show what domination and submission is about. Try this.

  3. Can you recommend a book or video to teach basic domination and submission? I am a male, my girlfriend wants to be submissive and I want to dominate her in ways beyond when we are making love.

  4. Could we get in touch? Would love to converse deeper. Nase panta kala. Me ekanes na min aisthanome moni me tis apopsis mou.

  5. Master P I bow to you.
    You have made me believe at last that D/s is much more deeper than just kinky sex. I knew it and felt it but rarely do I find someone expressing it.

    1. Hello Efi,

      No need to bow my dear 🙂 kneelibg is better. Yes D/s is a lot more tha just kinky sex….we are not just kinksters and some of us might not even be into kink at all but just enjoying the dynamics of D.s relationships.

      Stin Ellada bebeba einai megalo tampou to lifestyle mas.

  6. Spiritual BDSM. I knew something was missing from everything i have read. Well done! Wish i could meet up with you and just chat, listen to your views. Will have to make do with your posts.

  7. I need help finding a master that will allow me to have spiritual freedom. That is the only problem that I have.

    1. Spiritual freedom? Why would anyone have issues with it? Could you please be a bit more specific in the meaning spiritual freedom has for you?

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