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The time has come. Since I decided to make a blog overhaul working on a few things on the backend I decided that my best choice is to move on my own Domain. I will keep this blog open and connect them. The new link is 

Not ready yet but under development.

********************* Evening Update**********************

I managed to successfully transfer almost everything from this blog to my new website. I also had to do quite some back-end work to make it look nice. The article regarding the London Alternative Market is changed in an effort to see how possible is it old posts maybe transformed to new informative ones aligned more closely with the purpose of having this blog. I am satisfied with the result.

Now feel free to get there and make any suggestions you see fit. Still not that sure if it is better to use a static front page as I did more than 3 years now on this blog or move forward with the new layout that is a list of post in a picture grid with a very quick description. I tend to like the new one as it makes the website look more lively and colorful.,

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