Humiliation Game


As I promised I am publishing a very simple but the same time “evil” humiliation game. I will describe the basic concept and from there you may expand it in any possible way your imagination dictates. One of the main and important things is that you know very well your submissive as you don’t want to push her beyond her limits at any point at all. Trust me it’s not that difficult when you practise humiliation to experience an issue with limits.Here we start then Continue reading

The one and only training method in BDSM

submissive training

I receive emails and comments for tips about training. I explained many times that training is a personal subject and not something like 1-2-3.  After many emails I decided to provide you with the one and only method of training. Continue reading

Training a submissive in BDSM lifestyle

Learn what a Master is if you wish to earn the title

Learn what a Master is if you wish to earn the title

This is the second article I am publishing based on the search terms used to find my blog. BDSM Training is the second one therefore I will write something relevant, the third article for such an important subject. Though usually I say that training is something personal exactly as I believe it is, this time I will try to be a bit more specific helping those who need a guidance. Continue reading

BDSM Training

bdsm training

I find quite to often some people to consider the concept of training as something that apply only to new sub or slaves. That is totally wrong and we may train even the more experienced slave. The meaning of training in such case is more like the Continue reading

BDSM Training – Methodology and Techniques


Many people when they hear BDSM training they bring up their mind something like a manual of how to turn someone into a Master or a submissive. The truth is there is no such thing and according to my opinion whoever claims to have the way to achieve that is only an ignorant or one with a God syndrome we should afraid of.  I will not argue that using force and fear you may alter an individual’s behavior but that is not part of the Modern BDSM and of course not something originating from a healthy mind. In Modern BDSM it is a basic principle that one enters the lifestyle either as a Dom or a sub by its own will, therefore what a Master can do is develop the submissive instincts of his partner. BDSM training is not something we may include it within a time limit as it is not a school or a university. BDSM training is an ongoing process Continue reading

Pet slave girl or pet play? A dangerous game for the inexperienced


Recently I received a new email from a submissive asking my advice on some issues and one of them was regarding pet play. It appears as more and more people becoming fond of the pet play BDSM therefore I have decide to talk a little about it, as my guess is that many are not really aware of what a pet girl really is. Even worst, they are not really aware of the fire they are dealing with and how should they keep the scene strictly as a casual play and nothing more. As I have explained in one of my early posts here, there are different levels (types) of submission and one of them is the pet. I know and I realize that most people out there who have a genuine interest in pet play does not really mean pet as a level of submission but only as a temporary status of their partner. Nevertheless it might be useful (mostly to submissives) the knowledge of what a pet slave is and actually what are the dangers in any dehumanization activities. Yes, pet play is part of a bigger group of “kink” that is called dehumanization and is as shocking as it sounds.  Continue reading

Training your submissive in the best possible way is a very personal concept

true mastery

I do not like to talk a lot about training though I do realize many of you might want to see more about it. The reason I avoid to touch this subject that often is my belief that training is a very personal concept that might differ from individual to individual. Different submissives with different personalities will need different methods. It is like the question I see many times “do you like corporal or mental punishment?”. Well you can not apply corporal punishment to a genuine masochist so the question can not stand without knowing what type of submissive we face. Same goes with training. Nevertheless I decided to write a few things that I believe can always help you develop your submissive or if you are a submissive develop on your own.  Continue reading

How to introduce your wife or girlfriend in the lifestyle of BDSM without scaring her away


For long time now I was thinking different and various subjects regarding training and BDS. Everything is important but for some reason most of them gave me the feeling should not be the first to begin with. Today it came up to my mind something that I am sure most of us came across and had to deal with (for the same reason feel free to contribute with your experience by comments or e-mails as it is something very important). So many of us, including my self, keep our lifestyle private and hidden. We socialize with the vanilla world without allowing most of them knowing the truth about us (in my case only two persons really know about me and BDSM) and sooner or late we might find our self in a relationship with a vanilla girl. Then? What we do? Bloody hell, that is a mess or not?  Continue reading

How and from where to start in your path to become a Master. What you might read and what might help to educate your self.

true mastery

Hello John

I reply to all the emails I receive or comments but some times it takes me a while to do so as I do not have as much time as I wish I had to dedicate on this blog.

As I was reading your comment I was wondering how old are you, what your urges are and if you remember the first ever time you felt a “dark” desire. Of course I do not believe in the term dark yet I am using it Knowing that the rest of the world, or the most of it see it that way. Enough with my questions and time to give you some answers.

I will start from the bottom and the point where you say “I cried when I read A Master’s Creed (Is that all right for a Master?).”  I guess you wonder if a Master may cry or not. Continue reading

How to start training a new (to you) sub or slave. Thoughts and ideas to feed your brain.

Know your self before you open the door to your BDSM world

Know your self before you open the door to your BDSM world

So you found a new sub/slave and want to take her start training her into your way. There are many things to consider. First, what is her experience at being a slave or submissive and second, what is your experience at being a Master? Those are strong considerations when setting up training parameters. However, here are some basics. Most important, create your standard Continue reading