Age Difference in Relationships

Hello all,

It has been quite some time since I last posted something on my blog and today that arrived back in London from my summer holidays thought to upload an update. Nothing major or big as I do believe the information available on the blog are enough for everyone who wishes to do a research about the lifestyle. What is really in my mind and would like to share with you my thoughts is age gap in a relationship.  Continue reading “Age Difference in Relationships”

Happy Kinky 2017

Hello everyone, my best wishes for a great 2017 and even more for a real kinky and exciting 2017. As the year starts we all set some goals personal and professional. It is a new start of 365 new opportunities until the end of the year and same as with everything new we need to take things slowly in order to make steady steps on the effort to achieve every single of our goals.  Continue reading “Happy Kinky 2017”

Is BDSM Deviant?

BDSM is a taboo in our society all over the world. No matter what the cultural background is and which side of the planet you come from you will agree on the previous statement. My feeling is mostly because BDSM is categorised as deviant, pervert and sick. Quite frankly I find a lot more pervert a sick to have sex on the same way every single time with the same woman to the point that I find no longer interest in getting sexual but still claim I have a happy healthy life. What most people miss in my own opinion is that sex mostly is mental the then physical Continue reading “Is BDSM Deviant?”

My Domination and Submission Anniversary

Hello everyone, just realised (thanks to a wordpress message) that my blog is up and running for the past 4 years. It was somewhere around this time when I started it and quite honestly I didn’t expect to keep going for all this time. Even if the past couple of years my updates are only a few I keep reading my emails, the comments made and get back to you Continue reading “My Domination and Submission Anniversary”

My Fetlife Account

It appears that once again fetlife decided to suspend my account. They don’t like the idea I am one who keeps not posting his cock in his pictures. Unless they can claim I am the only person posting pictures from the web that are not mine I can’t see why they do this. In any case for my fet is not working. I can’t relate with most of the people over there as my understanding of the lifestyle is something a lot different. I don’t know if other manage to get to find what they are looking for but I am not.

I don’t think I will get back on fet again. It makes no sense to be there. I might be looking for a sub, for a relationship but I know I won’t find it there.