Is BDSM Deviant?

BDSM is a taboo in our society all over the world. No matter what the cultural background is and which side of the planet you come from you will agree on the previous statement. My feeling is mostly because BDSM is categorised as deviant, pervert and sick. Quite frankly I find a lot more pervert a sick to have sex on the same way every single time with the same woman to the point that I find no longer interest in getting sexual but still claim I have a happy healthy life. What most people miss in my own opinion is that sex mostly is mental the then physical Continue reading “Is BDSM Deviant?”

My Domination and Submission Anniversary

Hello everyone, just realised (thanks to a wordpress message) that my blog is up and running for the past 4 years. It was somewhere around this time when I started it and quite honestly I didn’t expect to keep going for all this time. Even if the past couple of years my updates are only a few I keep reading my emails, the comments made and get back to you Continue reading “My Domination and Submission Anniversary”

The Secretary – A BDSM movie


Many people learned about the lifestyle because of the 50 shades and in fact consider everything in that book how the real life experience is. Before that book there was a movie in 2002 that is simply amazing and according to my opinion describes the lifestyle a lot better. The secretary. The link will send you to IMDB though I will include some information here as well. James Spader is the Dom of the story named….. GREY!!!! Hey does this sound familiar? Is it a coincidence? His acting is brilliant same as Maggie Gyllenhaal in the role of the submissive. Steven Shainberg, the producer, stated that he wished to show that BDSM relationships can be normal and was inspired by the film My Beautiful Laundrette, which he feels normalized gay relationships for audiences in the 1980s Continue reading “The Secretary – A BDSM movie”