Non BDSM Love of Mine

I was thinking to start this post by stating I don’t know the reason I write this however I know very well why I do this. First because I have no-one to share the thoughts I will share with you. No it isn’t because I have no close friends or people who can understand me but because you who have read at least one of my articles you will understand better the point I want to make. Second because no matter how silly it is sometimes the universe (with so many unknown to us powers) might help me after this and make things spin a bit.  Continue reading “Non BDSM Love of Mine”

Not part of the community

This is possibly my last post as I don’t think I will keep updating this blog anymore and to be fair the past year (couple of years) I am not keeping up with updates that well. I might post an article now and then however I don’t see the reason to claim this blog is active anymore. In the same way I can’t consider myself part of the BDSM community anymore. Not that I turned vanilla or that with a magical way my fetishes and kinks are not there anymore. Quite the opposite but the way the community develops can’t make me say I am one of them.  Continue reading “Not part of the community”

Does a Dominant grows more dominative?

Recently I’ve been involved in a discussion coming from a submissive questioning if she should expect a Dom to become more dominative when their relationship becomes stronger or it makes more sense he will get softer. It is indeed a valid question and I find the topic really interesting so I thought to post an article  Continue reading “Does a Dominant grows more dominative?”

The submissive way

Recently I had a chat with a friend who is a submissive talking about her thoughts regarding a Dom who most likely is shy or at least appears as one. During our chat she stated that she will go for him and make the first move if she has to but questioned if this is truly the submissive way. Now I think this is a very interesting concept to help us understand better the lifestyle  Continue reading “The submissive way”

Humiliation is Respect

Humiliation is strong within BDSM and many times misunderstood from many depending on their level of knowledge regarding the lifestyle and personal experiences. I am not planning to take it to a social or psychological level but keep it as simple as possible in order to help more people understand my point. It is my strong belief we need to explain things in a simple way as this can help more and more people even if they Continue reading “Humiliation is Respect”

Knowledge is Key to play Safe

Being into BDSM there are plenty of different “plays” that you might like to get involved with. As I say the lifestyle can be mental, physical or both so whatever you like to get involved with there is a big requirement of knowledge in order to play safe. Doing the x what impact has to your partners body and the z what impact is going to have to their mental-emotional status? So let us check a “map”  Continue reading “Knowledge is Key to play Safe”