Seeking a female submissive and a relationship


As I mentioned in my previous post I am out of a long term relationship which didn’t work as I expected. This is a chapter of my life which is closed for good now and the time to move on has come. So what is next? A new submissive in my life is what I expect to find and start fresh. I am not looking for just a play partner but one that will have the potential to turn into a relationship. Continue reading “Seeking a female submissive and a relationship”

Single Again

Obviously this is a very personal post but had a great need to get it out of my chest so I decided to share it on my blog. The end of a relationship, which gave me the strongest feelings I ever experienced in my life so far, but not because of my choice it came to an end after two years. Continue reading “Single Again”

Domination submission control

Domination and submission is not something like a game or a role play to get into it whenever you want it. I strongly believe this is a matter of personality which you can never get out of it as it is your own nature. A lot of people might think that D/s is something for the bed but they are missing that Domination and submission is first and foremost a mental status from which a lot of things may come into reality to spice up our life. Continue reading “Domination submission control”

BDSM and Pregnancy

This is subject I always wanted to write about and always had the curiosity of how things change during pregnancy. Before I write anything else please note that I am not a doctor myself therefore what you will read is based on some personal research which means the accuracy of it is something to question. Also if you are anyone with better knowledge I believe it will be very useful to comment and share with the rest of us anything that can help to understand better how to practice BDSM during pregnancy. It is not difficult to imagine that soft BDSM is not something to worry and by soft BDSM I mean outfits, crawling, pet-play and anything at all that does not involve pain of any level. But what is when you are a whip person as myself or clamps,spanking,bondage etc.? Continue reading “BDSM and Pregnancy”

How I see BDSM and a bit about Me

It has been a while now that I was thinking to add a new article about the way I see BDSM as also include a few things about myself. It is more a collection of different thoughts that I feel the need to share and usually this blog is my way to do it since 2013. BDSM after all is not a subject we can easily and openly discuss with everyone in our vanilla life and our daily social circles. So what is really BDSM and why do I find it so important for my sexual life? Is it only sex or more? Continue reading “How I see BDSM and a bit about Me”

Rock My World Sex Toy Kit – Review

Hello all and happy new year, a very happy kinky 2019. The first post that will publish on my blog is something I was planning and thinking to add as a section in my blog. Reviews for Sex Toys and BDSM Gear. I am happy to say just before the end of 2018 the opportunity presented itself and without second thought I took it. So today I am going to talk to you about the  Rock My World Sex Toy Kit from lovehoney which recently start operating in the US as well (Congrats guys).  Continue reading “Rock My World Sex Toy Kit – Review”