Rock My World Sex Toy Kit – Review

Hello all and happy new year, a very happy kinky 2019. The first post that will publish on my blog is something I was planning and thinking to add as a section in my blog. Reviews for Sex Toys and BDSM Gear. I am happy to say just before the end of 2018 the opportunity presented itself and without second thought I took it. So today I am going to talk to you about the  Rock My World Sex Toy Kit from lovehoney which recently start operating in the US as well (Congrats guys). 

So let us take a closer look in the package for which I will say in advance it is worth every single penny. It is a package that both experienced and inexperienced people can use and how that will be depends on their own imagination and experience. But first things first.

PACKAGING  (Rate 8/10)

As you can see the package is really discreet in a box that may have anything inside therefore you may order it even at your work place. The only thing I didn’t like about it (this is why I am giving it 8/10) is the size of it. However the actual package it is so well placed that is not moving or creating any strange noises in case this is something you are worried about. When you open the internal box everything is very well placed and wrapped which gave me the understanding that all those items were stored in place and in a way that secures hygiene. I do believe this last part is quite important when you buy Sex Toys. They also include a pack of button batteries however you will need to purchase your own AAA batteries. I have to admit that opening the package got me so excited that I wanted instantly to start playing with it. Well…….I know I have a very very very high sex drive 🙂 In any case I believe it worth’s every single penny

G-Spot Vibrator (Rate 10/10)

This Vibrator is simply great. It is not overly intensive but strong enough to satisfy even the more experienced. The material is of great quality which you can understand it at the first touch and confirm it once you use it. For this one you will need to buy your own AA battery

Mini Massage Wand Vibrator (Rate 10/10)






A great toy to have which believe will give you great results. Since it is mini you may let your imagination free and try it in many different ways 😉 and the build is extremely ergonomic. Even for a man like me who is really big (So my hands are big) it feels to be of the perfect size to hold it and use it. Very practical, with plenty of different types of vibrations which as I said will give you great results. Satisfaction guaranteed once you fully charge it with the USB cable provided.

Love Egg (Rate 9/10)






The egg as everything in this kit is made again from great quality materials. The vibration provided is strong to drive your girl hi and you will love the Love Egg 😉 The only thing I found a bit difficult was to resemble it once I placed the AAA battery. However I have to admit this might be just me and not an actual manufacturing issue since it is known that my fingers are good only to play with women 😉 and type on a keyboard. Nothing to worry about and certainly nothing big.

Bullet Vibrator (Rate 10/10)





This is not a bullet but a machine gun on its own. I have seen and used other bullets but this one has two features that I loved. Vibration of the right strength, nothing extreme to cause discomfort but not soft to bring you frustration as you try to get your girl hi. However what I found to be a great feature that not all the bullets out in the market offer is the variety of vibration types. So get it guys and start pressing the button, she will love it!!!

Ribbed Anal Toy (Rate 10/10)







Both the anal toy and the Dildo are made out of great silicon and they are very solid which makes you feel comfortable you will not have any accidents (Ever had a ribbed anal toy break? You don’t want to) and will provide a great feeling when you use it. This one is mainly for the not so experienced in anal play (as it is not very thick) however can be a good warm up toy even for the experienced.

Lifelike 6 Inch Dildo – Sunction (Rater 10/10)

It is really a life like dildo and the suction is very useful. If you never had one with suction here is your opportunity. I have only great things to say about it and for one like me who loves gag games definitely will be from now on the first choice during my naughty nights. It is thick with a very comfort sensation due the material that is made of and the “veins” are good enough to bring up your sexual desires. Let your imagination free and play in any possible ways with this dildo.

Overall I am impressed by this Kit and initially I didn’t expect to be. A Kit with so many toys could have gone wrong in many different ways however the people from lovehoney seem to certainly take their business very seriously and know that customer satisfaction is of the outmost importance when we talk about sex toys. I will end by saying the Lovehoney Rock My World Sex Toy Kit will ROCK YOUR WORLD!!!!!


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