Sexual Game

Hello, hope you are all well. I am on my summer holidays enjoying the sun and the sea as much as I can before I fly back to London. However the past couple of days there is a game that came up to my head as I was having a drink which I would like to share with you.

So the scene is quite simple. The Dom waits sitting naked for his sub. The sub on all four is crawling to his direction slowly and seductively. In my head and since I love “pet”-girls she might take a bit longer to get close or even wait for his command as she keeps crawling trying to tempt me with her beauty on all four.

Then she moves exactly in between my legs and starts playing with my balls only by using her mouth. As I get hard she is not allowed to touch it. however she has to touch herself or use any item I ask her to but she is not allowed to stop playing with her pussy.

The game is who will cum first. If she cums first then she has to keep trying make me cum and that will be on her forehead not allowed to touch my sperm. Then she will get a spanking so many times equal to the minutes it took her to cum or up to her limit (whatever is the most). If I cum first that will be in her mouth allowing her to swallow it and then help her cum by humping my leg (or any other possible way if this is not within the preferences) as a hormy bitch/cat. Since she was a good girl more can and should happen.

So, what do you think?

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