Knowledge is Key to play Safe

Being into BDSM there are plenty of different “plays” that you might like to get involved with. As I say the lifestyle can be mental, physical or both so whatever you like to get involved with there is a big requirement of knowledge in order to play safe. Doing the x what impact has to your partners body and the z what impact is going to have to their mental-emotional status? So let us check a “map” of the human body and learn some very basic we should always keep in mind.

I am not fond of marks and bruises. I don’t find it as something we can be proud as humans and I find hard to comprehend how some people say “I proudly wear my bruises”. Don’t get me wrong, most likely after a play there might be bruises or marks but this not the purpose or the goal. Saying you are proud of it, at least to me, sound as you intentionally wish or try to give/receive a bruise. Sorry this is beyond my understanding of SSC.

Educate Yourself About the Body! There are some parts of the body that you should avoid spanking at all times. Hitting these parts of the body can result in extensive, and sometimes fatal damage:

Kidneys: The kidneys are located in the area of the back between the bottom of the ribcage and the top of the butt.
Tailbone: The tailbone is located at the base of the spine, it can be cracked or broken if hit.
Hips: The sides of the bum and along the bony part of the hips, where several nerves are located.
Spine: The spine, along the back, has several small bones that can be cracked or bruised.
Neck: The neck is a very sensitive area where many major arteries, tendons, glands, and lymph nodes are located, not to mention the larynx, and should never be hit!
Face: Although face slapping and other impacts to the face are sometimes seen it is best to avoid hitting this area of the body. There are many sensitive areas (sinuses, eyes, lips, cheekbones, etc) that can be easily damaged and those injuries could be permanent!
Ears: Hitting someone on the ears can cause permanent damage to their hearing or sense of balance. Some might not know this but the labyrinth of our ears is essential to our balance

There is out there something like a map of zones for impact play which I find quite difficult for most people to understand therefore I am not going to include. It marks some areas of the body with yellow or red risk which we all have experience that is not exactly the case. Mostly the yellow look like having nothing to do with what we really do in our life. For example breasts are marked with yellow. For one like me who is into breast play (bondage,slapping,whipping etc) what does it really means? On first look it might look as I should avoid breast play but this is not the case. It actually indicates that I should be more delicate in the way I do things.

So what I would suggest to everyone, is spending some time reading about human anatomy and understand better what is the real impact of their plays on their partners body. I say this because more and more I see on the web pictures from people who “proudly” share their personal moments and many of them include very disturbing bruises. They are actually doing bad to their body, they are hurting themselves or their partners and I bet they have no real understanding of the bad they do.

I will end by stating my belief, my point of view. Your partner’s body is something to worship, admire, love and care. What ever you do is only to stimulate this shrine of lust and love. It is not to literally torture but only to “torture” and If you don’t understand the difference you better start from the basics or even stay out of the lifestyle.

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