Keep calm and walk her

For my regular readers this post’s title is quite straight forward. For those who read me first time it might sound puzzling if you are not into petplay. I am really fond of petplay and mostly into puppy play. I love to see my sub as my pet, with a collar, a leash and even a nice tail though I am not into furries.  There is a strange way this works inside me and actually it is in a very contradicting way which I will explain below.

Seeing a woman on all four, walking (preferably slowly and seductively) I do see a lot of beauty in it. I do admire even worship the female body and my eyes,brain,soul is filled with beauty. A unique beauty that words are not enough to describe it. I feel she is cute and sexy, sensual and erotic, feminine and seductive. It is a calling to get sexual with her even if some times might not really happen and just enjoy the view.

I see strength and desire to please in it. She is strong enough to lower her self to a pet status but the same time she has such a desire to please me, fill my life with beauty that overcomes any “taboo” to bring herself to the knees. For those who never tried it before it might sound very kinky and extreme. Having her walking like this and playing like this (as it can also be a very playful game) is an instant turn on physical and mental.

The strange is that even if I admire her body, her desire and willingness to satisfy me, I also find it humiliating. She is ready to humiliate herself and get so low for my pleasure. This is a contradiction in my head because I really love and admire femininity and all that goes with it. I respect women and worship their existence in every possible way. However humiliating her this way is an aphrodisiac which I miss a lot and need in my life. I even love it when they bark and don’t hesitate to push their own limits to dive deeper into humiliation.

Seeing her getting filthy in any possible way drives my excitement to higher levels of appreciation, admiration and love. I guess this is even stranger for one who really respects women. It is really strange how this strong contradiction of respect,admiration,appreciation from one side and humiliation on the other side create an explosive mixture of sensations, lust and love.

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