My Fetlife Account

It appears that once again fetlife decided to suspend my account. They don’t like the idea I am one who keeps not posting his cock in his pictures. Unless they can claim I am the only person posting pictures from the web that are not mine I can’t see why they do this. In any case for my fet is not working. I can’t relate with most of the people over there as my understanding of the lifestyle is something a lot different. I don’t know if other manage to get to find what they are looking for but I am not.

I don’t think I will get back on fet again. It makes no sense to be there. I might be looking for a sub, for a relationship but I know I won’t find it there.

10 thoughts on “My Fetlife Account

  1. Hmmm… I haven’t had trouble there (yet). I do find that it’s a good resource and I have had good discussions there, haven’t used it as a hook up site though.

    1. For me this website was never appealing. A lot more when I start people stating they are “part of a pack” or sisters to sister and next they should add cousins. Even some articles I found were quite disturbing. But again, this is just me, it doesn’t mean it should be the same for all. Also I don’t feel there are no people there who worth to spend some time to get to know them but is merely an impossible task to achieve as so many exhibitionist – predators – ignorants joined it.
      Sorry if I sound bitter or offensive, I just find Fet and insult to human dignity to such level that quite a few times had me thinking if I should actually avoid stating that I am part of the lifestyle in an attempt to avoid being identified as part of this group.

    2. I don’t think you are off base, FL shut itself down recently for the same reasons you stated. Now they only allow new members who are “sponsored” by paying members. It was a new and novel concept when it came out, but now there are other way more savvy kink/fetish social media platforms and it is quickly becoming a dinosaur. I’m not on much anymore, I was leading a discussion on closed poly do triads, but the interest just isn’t enough to sustain real dialogue.

    3. You mentioned new social kink friendly platforms. As I am not one who does a lot of research on that area I would appreciate if you could suggest one or two.

    4. Yikes, well there is Fetster, Kinkyjungle, KNKI- which is an app for your phone, sorkado,, Whiplr-another app for your phone. Then there is a continuously updating list of sites on Ranker You could always google the specific links or fetishes you are into and see if there are social media sites expressly for them. Or…..find a munch in your area? Go to a convention? I’m sorry, I may have overstepped here or assumed too much. I’m a big internet researcher 😊

    1. My dear I strongly believe that if we are meant to meet one whatever we do wherever we are we’ll get there. I feel my blog is better place to wait one to contact me than Fet. Fetlife after all is a place that most people have a misconception of what the lifestyle really is.

    2. Giving up is not my style however picking up what I prefer to chase up is. Feel free to mail me through my contact page and I’d be glad to have a chat 🙂

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