Submissive Training

Here we are once again on the subject of training and what how we define what a training is. Generally speaking by the term training we identify a process of preparation and improvement by another who knows how to help the trainee achieve its targets. But here comes a question…….Is the term training within the BDSM lifestyle a valid one?

In my own opinion and one word the answer is no. No we can’t train anyone in a specific lifestyle. I can’t accept that I am any better from any of you and I also it is to my understanding that same as I have specific expectation so does my submssive. It is a relationship and a way to live together not a basktball game.

Having said that let me explain a little further what I mean. Yes I can and will show her what my expectations are. I will try to help her get there and match her ways to what I truly  want them to be. But the same moment I will need to match my ways to her expectations therefore we have to come to a common agreement in how we both achieve to achieve some targets.

This is not actually a training as defined by the word, is it? It is more like a true relationship, don’t you think?

Beyond that we can always have a playful training session to spice up our life and in fact we both need it. She needs to get naughty to get a good spanking as much as I want her to provoke me to spank her.

Oh I know it sounds so different from anything you have read or hear so far in your life.

One thought on “Submissive Training

  1. not different at all – well, different because its not in the book – (i have not read the books, neither has Master)…

    But its truthful and honest… x

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