Kneeling pride

You are a submissive and you kneel to your Master. The image of a female sub kneeling to her Master might be so disturbing to many in the vanilla world but to us it is something so beautiful. It is not degrading nor a way to undermine the importance of the female in the world. When she kneel she is radiant Her beauty is shining in our eyes and her presence in our life is priceless. She is the beauty in our life, the essence of life and what we chase to capture for ever ours.

In your kneeling submission we see a strange pride, pleasure and peace. You are valued and loved ready to offer your existence to be cherished and loved. Your Master’s touch, rough or romantic it is the same for you. You know he loves you, you know he is there for you to support and hold you at the end. In his eyes you can see the admiration of what you do. You crave his love.

Kneeling in pride and submission, surrendering to love, lust and pleasure. You are a submissive, you are the one who makes a Master who he is. You are radiant.

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