The way I see it

The picture speaks for itself. In fact it describes so accurately how I perceive the concept of submission. In comparison to the vanilla world how a Master like me sees a female submitting can’t be described in any other way at all. Many might see submission as weakness, a lot more when it comes along with a statement like “I submit because I don’t want to be in control of anything” or “I wish others to take the decisions in my life”. Now I want to be fair and I will say that I can understand why they receive this as weakness. However I don’t understand why they don’t even try to see what one like me will explain them about the concept of submission.

Who is so strong to surrender and give control of its life to another person? Who has such a strong belief that can totally trust their partner? And who has such strong understanding of their partner to feel safe they won’t be mistreated? I can hardly think of any vanilla but when it comes to D/s I know I’ve met in my life quite a few submissives who were adamant they can do all the above.

I wouldn’t like to say a lot more, I don’t feel there is any need to explain further the meaning of this picture. I will only say one…….if you are into the lifestyle and you can’t understand the strength hidden into a kneeling woman who offer her submission to you then you are in the wrong lifestyle and clueless of how lucky you are.

Master P

4 thoughts on “The way I see it

  1. Hello Sir, I just want to say that I just found this site today and I have fallen in love with it. I find your words very wise and that I agree with them whole heartedly. I had a question I was hoping you might beable to answer.
    A few months ago I met a man and we hit it off, based of the fact that we had the same idea of kink. Talking to him more I’ve really grown to like him and I now know he feels the same.

    There is only just a slight problem, I am submissive 100% and I recently found out I also have the slave mindset wholly and truly. My “bf” for lack of better term at the moment is switch, I thought this was a problem for a long time and resently talked to him about it and he said he is totally okay with just Dominate with me. I believe him. But here is my issue still, I’ve talked to Masters and dabbled in online domination so I know how I feels and I really really love that total control.
    I want to open my boyfriends eyes and show him this life style. But I don’t really know how I could go about it or if it is even fair for me to try and change him so completely. I was hoping you would share your thoughts and wisdom with me.

    1. Hello and thank you for your kind words
      I am a firm believer the only way to do it is be open and straightforward. It is a risky thing to do and the same moment it needs a lot of courage but nothing else would work. Is your boyfriend the same person with the man you describe on the beginning? Because if it is I don’t see where the issue is. At least, by your saying you see eye to eye

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