You are a slave you don’t need to obey anyone

No it is not a mistake. You are a slave you don’t have to obey anyone. I am writing this article as a recent comment brought up to my thoughts the danger that mainly women face from those who just try to take advantage of the lifestyle. I am sure there is an older post of mine with the same subject but I feel it will never hurt anyone to bring it up once again. In fact it might be helpful for those who are lazy enough to go searching my archives. It matters not how experienced you are, and certainly a lot more young female submissives should take some time and read it. Sadly enough there quite a lot out there claiming the title of a Master just to satisfy the wildest of their fantasies without caring of the impact to their partner.

Most of them come with a God syndrome and try to convince their partner they have to do everything they are asked to without thinking twice. “You are a slave so you have to obey your Master and serve his desires” is what they say or what their words want to say. The more experienced try to hide it under neutral words that won’t raise any alarms. They come with the concept of training by meaning they will brainwash you to do whatever they like and feel happy about it. Even worst some of them (or many) deny to their submissives/slaves the wright for a safeword. Remember safeword is the more important thing for you and in fact test your Dom/Master once or twice by using it even if you don’t need to.

Now let me remind something to everyone. The slave is a slave by her will, by choice. She is offering her self because she trusts the one who will keep it in his hands. TRUST. A slave/submissive will do anything as long as the Dom/Master managed to gain/earn/win her trust. And he has to prove himself worthy each single time to keep having that trust. A slave kneels because she wants to kneel not because she is told to kneel. If you are a Master and by reading this you feel your ego or place in the world is hurt by my words then something you have it wrong in your head. On the other hand if you a slave and you don’t agree with me then be really careful with whom you get involved with.

BDSM relationships take time to become strong because it takes time to build real and deep trust. Take it slowly and don’t rash into anything. Sexually speaking try to play for some time in as much as possible controlled and safe environments. I would suggest to avoid anything that will restrain you. After all, there are so many things you can do without be restrained and from my own personal perspective, is a lot more interesting to see a submissive struggle to keep her hands away than having them restrained.

As a slave you don’t have to obey anyone, only follow your choice to submit to the one of your choice, to the one that will prove….PROVE… be worthy of your submission. As a slave you have to think were your Master try to take you and if you wish to follow that path. The limits are set by the submissive not the Dom. It is the way to protect her self and feel safe within any scene. If you wish to explore your limits again take it slowly. Before jumping into experimenting with them take some time to discuss it with your partner. Explain what you wish to explore, what your fears are and why you wish to try something new. In a very simple way your expectations. During that discussion try to see what he thinks in the subject and build a common road map of how you will do it.

Master P

10 thoughts on “You are a slave you don’t need to obey anyone

  1. You said: “I do not really believe in switches. This is something i will explain some other day and why i do not believe it but in general i would say that eventually the one side will prevail or at least it will be stronger driving the hunger to be satisfied more often. So at the bottom end, every individual is a Top or Bottom and there are variations of how strong both those feelings are inside that person.”

    Yes, because people who like both Strawberry and Chocolate ice cream will eventually develop a hunger that needs to be satisfied more often by one or the other; they cannot for long say they prefer both.

    People told me the same thing in my 20’s when I came out as bi. 20 years later, I’m still bi.

    I’m still a Switch, too. I get rather tired of being told, “You’re not a Switch. You’re a Domme. Just look at the way you carry yourself when you walk in a room.” Or, “You’re not a Switch. You’re a sub. Just look at the way you melt when your hair is pulled.” I know good and well what gets me turned on. I know exactly how I walk into a room. And I don’t need at any point in time to be corrected on what I am.

    And for the record, I still prefer to get the Neapolitan ice cream, leaving the vanilla in the box. Strawberry and chocolate together is the perfect blending of flavors.

    I find your position on Switches to be incredibly disrespectful. You yourself indicate it is represented in the BDSM Triskele Emblem. Its third is no lesser than the other two in size or shape. And yet somehow even that is not enough for you to respect it as an orientation.

    I could argue with you about it. But the point is, in this community, I shouldn’t HAVE to.

    1. I am not trying to correct anyone or dictate how to feel. In the same way I don’t feel disrespectful to anyone at all. As the blog identifies this is my personal approach in the lifestyle and my POV. Nothing more or less. But since this is my personal corner on the web I keep the right to exclude myself from being politically correct so everyone to be happy with me. If I hate one thing in this century is the concept of being “politically correct”. In any case, your input is much appreciated and I thank you for your comment

  2. How true.
    I had to make a german Post out of it based on this.
    I see too many times how wannabes-Doms try to get their hands on what they think it’s a cheap possibility.

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