Blog overhaul and come back

For all the regular visitors of my blog it is obvious that something is changed. The next week is the last one after so long time that I will be away from my blog (after almost two years maybe a bit more) finding hard to keep it updates. In fact as I see it by next Sunday evening I will start updating again regularly as I used to do. A long period of hardship and over demanding offline situations comes to an end at last. This time I am planning to be bolder, kinkier yet keep being informative as it is supposed to be. 

Today I finished installing a new Theme and a couple more changes I had to do. In the following days and most certainly from the last week of January I will run a major review and update of my old posts. Some to delete, other to update them but also change the website categories and layout. It will take me out but I will keep uploading new material for your readings.

I would love to become even more interactive and I am thinking of starting a secret facebook group as well or maybe Fetlife (I hate FL) group. But again this is a major MAYBE. What I do know is that already talked with a few developers in start building a kinky app. Lots of different ideas and yet to come down with the one that will take. I am working hard to build that special app that will be a lot more than just a dating app. One thought is to be something connected with my posts, or somehow connected with my posts so anyone with the app on the mobile to comment starting something like a mobile forum discussion. We shall see.


I missed to mention something really important to me and to you as I believe. There quite some comments left that I should have replied or follow up. Once everything is done I will also run through past comments and will reply accordingly should I feel there is a need to do so.

4 thoughts on “Blog overhaul and come back

    1. For start a new layout as you can see. Now I am thinking of making some amendments to the main menu and moving forward start reviewing my post (mainly those from the period I could not keep it updated with decent articles) to decide which ones to keep (maybe update them to full articles if possible) and delete the rest of them. I will also change the blog categories in one or two in total. Any suggestions and feedback for how those changes are feeling are welcomed.

  1. Hi Sir,
    Looking forward to seeing the changes that are coming up. So glad you are going through with the app, such a great concept. Lots of new things around the corner, wishing you the best of luck in all your endeavors.

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