I was thinking for quite some time if I should post this on my blog or not. I always felt and still do like taking advantage of what is made to help others understand the lifestyle. However, it makes no sense trying in some other places to find what my own space might be in position to help me with what I look to find in my life. A submissive!!

So yes, I look to find a submissive and I look for something witch potentially might lead in a real life relationship. I don’t know how many from London might be interested in getting to know me better therefore I am not placing any limits on this.

I do however looking strictly for singles. Not interested in married women and not interested in those who have a vanilla relationship and seeking to add a Master in their life to spice things up.

I am interested in women who know why they enjoy to be submissive and what their expectations are. Having said that experience from the lifestyle is not important as long as you know why you want to try.

Though I don’t believe age is important I do fear that if she is a lot younger might be one who see all these as a game. Don’t forget I’m 39yo and I look one who appreciates how precious time is in our life.

As of her physical I am not that demanding as I might sound be. Yes I do have a preference in tall women and mostly those who have nice slender legs (no matter their height). Most certainly I am not interested in shy ones and those who are fake. I want a real person.

Now if after reading all these feel interested to get to know me better, feel free to contact me via my contact page here.

Feel free to introduce yourself and ask me anything you would like to know. Let’s have a chat and see if we have a potentialmatch,if we see things eye to eye


Master P

5 thoughts on “Actively seeking a submissive (female only)

    1. At the beginning it can be only online and then wherever it leads. Ideally yes, I want something that one day will come in real life. How and when only time can show.
      Thank you for asking, giving me the chance to elaborate on my expectations.

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