So some of you quite often decide to contact me and I do really enjoy and love when it happens. Some just to say a few kind words something that I appreciate and love, some asking for an advise abd some other with a “i want to be trained/be a slave request”. I decided to write this post as a future reference for all who wish to get in touch with me. 

I never claimed nor I will a God feeling of knowing everything yet I do know enough. I am more than happy when you share your experiences with me asking for an advice but know that I’m saying only what I woukd have done if I were you. I’m not some specialist so I might be wrong. I know I have helped quite some of my readers to make a choice but again it was their choice, I only gave an advise.

Since I said that I’m single I do get a few emails asking me to take them as pets,slaves or that seek a skilful trainer as me…. Well……who said I am a skilful trainer? And if you get to speaking about training in the commonly anticipated meaning of the word then either you haven’t read carefully what I descdibe in this blog or you didn’t understand my words. Oh, and sending a picturr of tits is nice but won’t be the one to make me get a decision.

If you are seriously thinking the BDSM lifestyle as something important in your life then please don’t be shy and talk about it. Nothing more boring than “i love to serve, to be used”. Well yes…..but why?

If you feel you need to get in touch with me but have no clue how you should speak to me because you are new then allow me to explain that we communicate as humans, in the same exact way all humans do the ” hello master” show only two things. You try to be formal because so you imagine it has to be and you missed to capitalise the letter m.

If you are shy know this is a lifestyle that the whole concept makes no sense.

If I decide to move forward to an online relationship that means that means I will give my interest and time in you and only you so I don’t have time for ganes and players. But anyway you first need go prove you are worthy of my time.

Again I am morethan happy to be a friend with anyone who wish to get in touch with me, but please respect the above

6 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. i’m relatively new to the BDSM lifestyle. i was wondering if you could give some advice on being a slave. i do have a Master (approx 3 months now). i would appreciate any information that you could relay on how finding what fits me is best accomplished in this entire process. Should i be Submissive or is a Slave role what is best for me? How is that determined exactly? i feel like a slave role is best for me at this point but would like your opinion as well if i could possibly get it.
    Another question is my Master has let me choose another D as a playmate bc i wanted to and he said he would allow it since he is not present but one night a week at the most, basically he said he understood i need more in my life than once a week. He is married.
    Is this norm for this lifestyle also? Both him being married and having another slave, is that normal?
    Also is it normal for me, the slave to get to add another D?
    Also how does one go about finding like minded female slaves and submissive friends?

    Sir, any advice would be greatly appreciated !!!! Thank You

  2. Thanks to you, I have a Mommy and a Daddy now. Because of your advice, I was able to go off on my own and find a couple that loves and nurtures my little. Thank you so much for your guidance.

    1. First of all a Master is not a role to play… is a lot more.
      Second this is not the place to ask for intimate encounters or someone to share an email
      Third you are in the wrong place

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