eBook published

I am happy to announce that my eBook is under review on Amazon and hopefully within the next 12 hours will be available to purchase. Some related information:

The eBook is my first edition and I am already working in my mind how to improve it with the second one. All of my blog readers who will purchase the first edition will have a 50% discount to all my future ones (I will provide you will information on how that will work within the next days). Most of the material is taken from the blog as It would have take me a huge amount of time to add all the unpublished material in the first addition. It’s quite a hard job to publish a book as I found out.

For the next edition I am already writing new chapters unpublished online and I am seeking some people to contribute with any kind of literature and art. Ideally the next edition will be huge and after each of my chapter there will be added a piece of literature aligned with the subject and some art. Anyone who wish to contribute may contact me through my blog.

The next step will be my own website connected to this blog. I believe it will be ready before the end of the year maybe a lot faster.

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