My e-book brief pre-view

As you know I am working on moving to my own Domain and publish an e-book by the end of the month. I decided to share with a brief pre-view and that will be the title and the Introduction. So here you are, the book title will be  “Sinfull Desires & Sweet Love, A BDSM guide by Master P”

Here follows the Introduction. If you are interested to have the e-book earlier than any-one else, please follow this link


Thank you for downloading my e-book and reading it. I would like to add a few information for those who don’t really know what this guide is about. In 2012 I decided to start a blog related to the BDSM lifestyle trying to inform those who search what BDSM is about in real life and not how portrayed in porn or adult literature. In my surprise a lot of people are interested in the lifestyle and really do thorough researches on-line in order to find out the truth about it. It didn’t take me more than a couple of months to hit more than 2000 views on a daily basis, a figure that kept growing over the years.
After two years of blogging I figured out that many people find interesting and informative all that I publish. I won’t hide it that many tried to contact me via e-mail for personal advices and guidance though I never claimed and will never do so that I am a relationship advisor or one who knows everything. Nevertheless all that communication made me think that it might be useful to write a book and use as a basis of that all the content already published on the blog.
Would that be enough? I do believe that beyond all those I published during those two years, there are a lot more need be said, therefore I decided the first publishing will include un-published material to ponder over both my online readers and those who will download the e-book and for first time will be introduced to my world.
Last but not least I would like to thank some people for different reasons:
• My beloved girl N, the woman and submissive of my life who desires to be part of my world. I was waiting for you so many years and finally you are here. No woman in this world can be compared to you my Nipa
• My philosophy school teacher Chris, who was a major reason to love philosophy and actually open my mind in ways that is hard to explain. “I am able to think, therefore I exist” René Descartes
• My family who taught me what love is, how to love honestly and with all my heart as also how to reason and use my brain. Their way of reasoning and allow me to make my own choices instead of fear in order to do their wishes was major in the way my personality was developed
• My literature school teacher who unlocked my imagination and without knowing brought me in touch with my deeper and darker desires
• The few people who know about my sexuality and never criticized me or pointed fingers. They only accepted who I am, the way I am trusting that I know what I am doing. I will mention two of them, my sister and my best friend. Thank you Ann and John

I hope you will enjoy reading my book
Master P

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