As you know soon I will start using my own domain and keep working on sharing information regarding the BDSM lifestyle (Both the blog and the new website will be on-line). Before the end of the month the new website will be on-line and together will come my first ever release of my upcoming e-book. All the information from the blog with additional content will be available to you for downloading both on my new website and Amazon. Soon I will share more details. For now, all of you interested in my e-book feel free to subscribe here so I will be able to provide you with the link even a week before it is announced in public.  Thank you all for your support all those years


Master P

2 thoughts on “New Website and e-book release

  1. How does one search your past article on this site. You referred once to something you wrote about the New Dom and a the experienced sub.

    1. Hello Maestro. Thank you for the question as you gave me the chance to realise I was missing the search option. I added it under the follow button therefore you (and anyone else) may search my past articles.

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