Clamps, Clothespins and other similar toys


So you want to play and sexually torture your partner. Clamps and clothespins is something that may easily come  to your mind since it is so often portrayed in many media. WARNING!!!! Pregnant women should avoid this type of play as it can cause uterine contractions or induce early labor in the last trimester. You might believe this is not such a dangerous play and safety issues are not that sensitive. Trust me when I say this is totally wrong. Safety is the first to consider in anything you practise no matter how innocent it appears to be or not. First and foremost, you know well that  the basis of all BDSM play is SSC (Safe, Sane and Consensual). Many will say that generally it is the Dom’s responsibility to maintain safety during a scene, but I would like to add my opinion according to which  it is equally up to the submissive to know and understand different play styles and safety considerations, before consenting to a scene.

Clips, clamps and clothespins create the erotic sensations by cutting off the circulation! When left in place too long, or placed where they can crush or damage tissue and internal structures, such as the delicate blood vessels of the penile shaft or the hood of the clitoris, watch out! You have just managed to create a medical emergency for your submissive. So please be extremely cautious in what you are doing and try to find some more information from the internet regarding the human body. It will grow your understanding in how to apply all those “toys” on your sub.

At this point I would like to answer a question that some may have. If you noticed, the pins (or anything similar) hurts more when removed than when applied on the body. The reason this happening is that clamps are cutting the circulation. However, if you cut off the circulation for too long, you get tissue damage therefore don’t believe that the longer you leave them on her body the better results you’ll get in terms of sexual stimulation. In fact you might find yourself in the waiting room of the nearest Hospital. Not cool at all.  Know that by attaching clamps on her, you have stopped the blood flow to that body part and now you are allowing a sudden blood flow-circulation to that body part. Some claim it is very fierce pain, others say it’s exciting. Many claim that the spots becomes hypersensitive if they wait out the initial pain. Some even love to have the parts blown on or touched lightly after the clamps are removed. Give it a try and watch your sub’s reaction. Always be observing on the way her body reacts and never take anything for granted as intensity and sensitivity is also dependant on the day or where a woman is during her menstrual cycle. She might be tough with high tolerance the one day and the other day really  “ouchie”.

Frequently, clothespins and clamps are used primarily on the breasts, particularly on nipples. Other parts of the body are also erogenous and include labia, inner thighs, the webbing between toes and fingers. How to attach the clothespins or clamps? You can attach clothespins straight on or sideways to the body part. Pierced body parts might be a challenge for the inexperienced and you may need to work around the piercings or you may have to adjust the position or pressure if use directly over a piercing. My suggestion as a general rule of thumb is to take it slowly as not every body has same tolerance. Start by leaving them no longer than 5-10 minutes in the same spot without releasing and reattaching , rotating 90° to prevent tissue damage and then increase the time. Watch for discolouration (blue or purple) and coldness. That’s a clear sign of going beyond what her body can take.

I will end this article with some safety points and feel free to add any other you see important with your comments.

• Careful with the placement. Never clamp any piece of flesh near to dense blood vessels, to avoid damaging nerves, or internal structures, such as the corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum of the penis, and tissues of the clitoral hood in women. Any damage to these structures can be permanent and cause lifelong pain and suffering!!

• Be time sensitive. Don’t allow any clamping device to remain in place longer than 20 minutes maximum. The whole idea of clamping is creating condensed erotic pain when the blood flow starts recirculating back into the unclamped tissues. Do not allow the clamps to cause irreparable damage!

• Cleanliness. Never use any clip, clamp or clothespin on more than one submissive, without sterilizing the pieces thoroughly! And, NEVER switch back and forth between anal play and any other orifice with ANY toy.

One classical place to begin with clothespins is the nipple, but there are many possible variations to this alone. Not everyone will agree on what to use or where but with good planning, good communication, and adequate time for a session, your BDSM Clothespin Scene can be amazingly fun for everyone. If you use wood clothespins be sure they are sanded, you don’t want splinters or sharp points. If your sub complains it’s too intense- Rubber bands on the non-clamping ends will lessen the intensity and vice versa. Enjoy the exploration, and use your head. Your partner will appreciate it, and if you want to play clamping games again with them, you will too.Always play safe!

You will find more in my forthcoming book.

Thank you all for your appreciation and keeping this blog so lively
Master P

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4 thoughts on “Clamps, Clothespins and other similar toys

  1. An excellent article one that everyone should pay attention to.
    As a Dom we love playing with our toys, but if we break them then we can’t play. Our subs have placed their safety in our hands and it is our responsibility to have our fun but also take care of them.

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