Next Update

Hello my friends. It’s been a while since my last update but as you know I am on a transitional phase in my life that apparently takes me a lot longer than I expected. In fact it takes me toooooo much time of my daily life the business I am starting therefore usually I have a lot in my mind giving me no space to think what should I write. It is a promise though that soon I will update maybe with two new article. If you have any suggestion, any topic you would like me to explore for you feel free to do so. Nevertheless I try to keep up with the mails you are sending me and answer to all of you as also the comments you are posting on the blog.

Regarding my book, for the same reasons I am not writing as much as I wish but I keep a steady pace. I believe in the fall or by the end of the year it will be ready. I thank all the people who appreciate this work enough to make donations.

Live long and prosper
Master P

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