50 shades of copy

You all know I am not fond of that book for many reasons. Today I found one more reason. The name of that super sexy mysterious successful great “Master” kept reminding me something but I couldn’t get it. Today accidentally got on IMDB and stumbled over the infamous secretary. Guess what. James Spader’s character name in that movie was Grey, Mr. Grey. For those who don’t know the film here is the link. A great movie, a bit of a parody of the lifestyle without though the intention to make fun out of it. As I see it, a movie that shows how a strong bond between Dom and sub may be forged with a humorous POV.

3 thoughts on “50 shades of copy

  1. Just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your Blog and thanks for opening your heart and sharing your personal experiences with others.

    Also I would like to invite you and all of your Female Slave Readers to join me over at Slave Space.


    I created this new WordPress Community so it could be a special place on the Internet where all Mature Female Slaves over 40 can hang out and discuss our lifestyle.

    Hope 2 see U there too !!!


    Ken’s Pet Slave Slut Mindy

    1. Hello Mindy.
      Thank you for your comment and though usually I delete links, I found your approach really honest and from the deep of your heart therefore I let it on your message. I will at some point add it as well on my links section. I haven’t read it yet and I have no idea what is your approach on your blog but hopefully it will be a good one.
      Be safe

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