Interview with a real PetGirl

I though this time let someone else speak instead of me. The following is video I recently found on youtube and thought to share with you. Just from the title you can so easily understand how unready the society is to accept individual choices even if they are not harmful  to anyone at all.

2 thoughts on “Interview with a real PetGirl

  1. It is a sad state of affairs when in the 21st century we can’t be understanding and happy for other people who are in love. These two are a very sweet couple.
    I never thought of myself as being into pet play but if you break it down into being submissive, having someone care for you, dominate you and some mild humiliation play– I can get into that.
    Good, thought provoking post.

    1. Hello foxy and thank you for your comment. Exactly my point. This is a couple that looks really great together and are happy with what they do. Why the so called civilized human race need to tag then and criticize them? Why do we have to be judgemental?

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