Two in One


You might be thinking the title is quite a naughty one. Maybe two men in one woman but the truth is somehow different. I didn’t know how to name it this post so since it is a combination of two ideas in one article I thought to name it in such a way. What is the life we live? Do we really live our life or someone else life? What is better? Be a man or a woman and can you actually be proud how we think and feel for the opposite sex? Deep thoughts you might say but they came up to my mind as I was answering some emails from my readers.

So the first to identify before anything else is what we want in our life. But how can we make sure that our desires are our own and not those cultivate by our surrounding and external influences? I can say there is only one way. Judge your own decisions, “place” them in front of you and look them deeply in the “eyes” to see if it is what you really want. Be brave though and be prepared that at the end of the day you might find out a very different reality from the one you thought you had. Be ready to break bonds with all the things you thought important. At that point you will have to make a decision. Leave your comfort zone to go forward and live the life you want or stay were you are. I am sure there are those who will be very hesitant to move forward but also other who will stay were they are for their own reasons. Both groups deserve your respect and don’t be fast into judging those who will stay were they are.

We grow up learning how to accepted by the society. What is proper and not proper to do. What beliefs are acceptable and what not. Then advertisements and marketing comes on top to choke in our throats trends that will makes us even more acceptable, more “sexy” more “desirable”. A huge system works hard to make people desire live in certain ways. Sadly enough, the suggested ways of life are usually Utopias only few will reach and again many of them when they get there to their surprise find out sadness. TV-shows for teenagers that actually corrupt young minds, magazines and blogs that announce sex and money as the highest goal of life. My all time hated show “sex and the city” that actually urge women turn into sexual objects who care only for sex. A HUGE system that intentionally try hard to make synonym to love the word sex. Success and happy life comes only with lots of money, a life without responsibilities, drinking habits and meaningful sex. All these in the name of money that some people make from that system.

Now and after the fifty shades found out a new target group and preparing to turn us into something we are not. So think carefully and honestly before you decide what you really want in your life. What is the most important in your life and how you will get it. For me is quite clear. Love and family. As a workaholic I have to admit some times I forget it but I always find my way back to the one truth I hold dear. Work and money are only to serve my desire to provide, nothing more nothing less.

When I speak about my desire to provide don’t think about it only within the close limits of a man who provides to his family. My desire goes beyond that and after all, my belief is that men who speak about how they provide to their family are only doing it following an acceptable pattern within the society. Men, the only animal that anticipate sexual experiences as trophies. Sadly enough, the system described above, start to convince more and more women to think alike. I never understood why men see a woman as a trophy. A trophy, an object in other words. The dream of making money in order to fuck a hot woman placed in their brain in an almost surgical way. Not that is only our fault, so many women  in the past dropped real love in exchange for a “secure” life with money.

Socking words from someone who is into BDSM and loves power exchange and humiliation amongst other things? Not really. I respect women, I respect femininity and everything that holds inside it. How I treat to my sub is only for a certain period of time within the day, mutually agreed providing pleasure to both. Ironically so many vanilla who claim to love women actually think so low for them but never speak about it. Others even turn abusive exactly for the same reason. Just something (yes as an object) that will give them a boner and have worth for as long as it (yes as an object) can keep them hard. Beyond that, they will only say and do what will ensure another boner another day.

I better stop here before I start speaking in a bad way for the humanity in total. For sure we are far from call our selves civilized.

Be Safe
Master P

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