Do you believe in age difference?

A big discussion for centuries. Should a man and a woman have an age difference? Is It important? Now let me make that question in another way. How important is that the Dom will have and age difference with a sub in BDSM? I would love to see your thoughts on the subject. My own is that age difference has its own importance as the Dom/me should lead therefore needs some experience in life. On the other hand I do believe there might be different opinions

9 thoughts on “Do you believe in age difference?

  1. I don’t think age is important between dom/sub, as for me i am dominated by my son, and feel him more expert and more control to me as older than him.

  2. Very interesting topic. Personally, i always fantasize that the man i’m with to be older and taller than my 5’8″, and outweigh me with muscle. Currently, Dom is 4″ taller than me, but younger by 8 years. It works for me, though, because i am new to D/s and he has been active in the lifestyle since he was a teenager. So experience, for me, outweighs the age difference… but size for me, is equally important.

    1. lol I only lose in muscles :p Thank you for your comment and I agree, some times experience is irrelevant to age as some people might have longer experience within the lifestyle even if they are younger than their submissive. For sure I agree that in a Dom the “package” counts a lot.

  3. I depends on the couple. I know of one couple where the Master is 39 and his slave is 58. Personally I like men older and not just by one or two years.
    It’s personal preference and depends on the maturity of the Dom and the sub. I feel the Dom/Domme/Master MUST have a higher level of maturity than their sub/slave.
    Age shouldn’t matter.

  4. The oldest Dom I was with was 60 which made him 35 years older than myself. He had 40 plus years experience. My current relationship Sir is 3 years older. I treat Sir with the same respect as I did my ex. I’ve played with younger and it just depends on the Dom. Some get it and some are fake or too inexperienced. But it’s the same with older some are just discovering themselves. But i treat all with the respect they earn. I personally like older though.

    1. I have to admit that in my question I take as granted the fact that an older Dom will have more experience than a younger one. The question to be correct should have been in comparison to the sub experience

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