Common excuses, common lies

I recently got an email that made me think I should start a post like this. Excuses that are used to cover the truth, common lies used to use submissive girls mostly online. If you want to add a few, if you have a personal experience you are more than welcomed to contribute here as you may help some people.

– I want you to get naked to show me your submission.

Well the truth is that as I believe nudity might show a sign of submission but that after a relationship is formed, trust is build and both desire to do so. Sadly enough that excuse is usually used for online submission when some people seek to turn a submissive into their “personal porn” as I say. Watch out when you hear that soon after you meet someone. Take your time and know usually they just try to make you feel guilty for denying so. You are not obliged to anything as long as you feel is wrong. In real life and not online we use the safe word for the exact same reason, to provide the submissive with the security to step out of scene once she feels things are going to the wrong direction. Online, you can just say no at least until you are sure you know what you are doing

– I want to feel for you and love you. That is why I want to see your body

Bullshit. Feeling for someone and love someone has nothing to do with nudity. The only thing a man will feel with nudity is his cock getting hard and plenty of sexual desires. Love and feeling for someone are higher meanings and just looking her eyes is enough. It is not romanticism what I write, it is a fact and truth proved through out the centuries. Modern life, media and other influences might have twisted those meanings but is not how it goes. It is a good excuse that works great when some guys identify they have to do with persons who are falling for them or are desperate to feel loved and desired. In my early 20’s I had a rule. A crazy rule as most of my friends said and trust me many times put me in trouble. No sex for the first two months. Why? Simply because I believe, and still believe to be honest with you, that sexuality clouds our judgement and we start believe we are feeling something deep when actually that doesn’t exist. So yes, if a relationship can hold for two months without sex means we enjoy each others company, we enjoy spending time together, we enjoy all the moments we build by dating and going out. Growing up I learned how to keep my judgement clear and now I do not need that rule but I can always use it if I believe I am dating someone who can’t keep her judgement clear. In any case, back to the point, nudity is not about love and be in love. Nudity is about sexuality.

I will add more updates and looking forward for your input and experiences.

2 thoughts on “Common excuses, common lies

  1. Excellent advice. Those inexperienced in this lifestyle and needy for attention are the ones that are most likely to get caught up in this trap.

    I encountered one man who was pushing extremely hard for a meeting in a motel as a first time meeting. I was totally against this and suggested coffee in a public place but that would not appease him in the least. He wanted me to dress for him and promised there’d be no touching. No way I was going there at all! I happened to mention my occasional problems with depression and thank, God, he immediately backed off, deleted me and I never heard from him again. A lesson I was aware of but which was well reaffirmed with this incident.

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