Why do I make this question? Well recently I saw a picture of a man kneeling to propose to his girlfriend. Honestly I never understood why some or many see that image as something romantic, nice or anything else. Why taking a begging position is something romantic? When one asks a woman to marriage  by definition (in my way of thinking) performs something romantic, gentle and may I say chivalrous?

Anyway, in my opinion kneeling is not proper to the occasion. A nice place with nice atmosphere, a scene where everything aid to excite sensations is important. Then just look her straight while holding her hands or even while hugging is all you need to say those great and very important words of a lifetime commitment.

2 thoughts on “Am I Crazy? Antisocial? Strange or maybe stupid?

  1. Interesting. I have never thought about this, but it is definitely something I am going to marinate on and maybe blog about later… I think I agree with you.

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