First Interview

As I said I was considering a lot to start a section with interviews. Finally I made my mind that is a good idea and thank you all who send me emails with your suggestions. I appreciate your participation.

I believe it will be a good perspective to see what professionals who acted in BDSM scenes (models,actresses,photographers,producers etc) think about it and what they have to say. For sure it will not be just about the lifestyle since some or many of them are occupied with more than that therefore it will be a good chance to learn a bit more for their work or even get to know them better as persons.

For the first interview I have already contact a model that I am a big fan of her. I had in mind to add her in the section with actresses but It will be a lot better if we have the chance to combine it with an interview.

I have to say that in my opinion she is one of the most beautiful woman I ever saw in my life and she has a beauty that goes beyond nudity. Let’s hope she will agree to that interview.

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