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hey, i was going through ur posts, and…well, about the story and all, im really not sure how you plan to do it, but from what i have seen, some bdsm sites have this and it is full of fantasizing and erotica stories to jerk off and i personally dont like such things, so, i’m not sure if this is how you want to make it, but on the other hand, your blog is yours and u post for bdsm readers not a community for bdsm fans, so, i’m really not sure if your readers will react the same way and open up to write stories, but anyhow, it is not a bad idea.
about your type of girl, i would say that it is not far fetched, i’m sure you will find the right one just in time, between you and me, i felt like you were describing me 😉 too bad that we are so far apart, and well, our age is not a good combination, i am also looking for someone who shares similar perspectives about the vanilla and bdsm balance, it is hard, but not impossible, so of course, you are not asking for alot. specially if you search for someone around your age, surely an experienced middle aged sub who shares your perspective will come your way.
it’s me who has a long way till i find the guy i want, because i want him young and mature even though i know a dom with such ideas can only be at his 40’s. so, rest assure that you will find the one, maybe it will take you some time, but it will happen.

3 thoughts on “Mail from a Reader

  1. Hello Sir,

    This could be an American site based on the fact that it ends with .com, and I live in a different country; so I’m not sure about what the age restriction is on this site in America. In my country it is 18 and yes I am 18.

    If I need to be older according to American laws then I am sorry for the misunderstanding and I will avoid this site from thus forward. But hypothetically speaking if I am old enough I do have questions about the BDSM lifestyle.

    I’ve been enjoying myself imagining the BDSM lifestyle but I actually want to know if the real thing is for me. To begin I have never done BDSM before, and I’ve never had sex before. What is the best way to safely find out about the BDSM lifestyle? I understand that one way to educate myself is to read about it….but I also want to be educated physically. Words may give me information but I want to know if I can enjoy BDSM in real life and not just in my imagination.

    Should I have normal sex first and then seek out BDSM? For my first few times I want an environment where all my questions are answered. And that the person requests my permission for everything physical they do. The only reason I need him to ask permission for every single thing in the beginning is because I’m in the mindset of I want to be educated before I decide if I want to be subbed. And if the education (both physical and mental) puts me in favour of the BDSM lifestyle then I will submit. If it doesn’t I want to be able to walk away without looking back. I want to be able to discuss what works and what doesn’t work for me….because what if there are some aspects of BDSM I like and some I don’t like. Do I have to follow every single aspect of BDSM even the ones I don’t enjoy? Now hypothetically speaking….how do I attract Masters who have my vision of BDSM….and keep away from Masters who have a different vision to my own.

    Oh by the way I’m finishing high school this year….do you think I should wait a few more years? I don’t even know to be honest.

    1. Hello Kaira and thank you for your email. Yes it is ok as far as you are 18.
      To start with all you say apply to everyone not only those who start learning about the lifestyle. A Master should always go not beyond his sub limits and that means he has to communicate with her at all times the likes and dislikes. As individuals we might be fond of the same lifestyle but still be different on some parts of it. For example a Master might be a breasts bondage lover but his sub not into it. They have to mutually agree either to experiment if they can include it in their sexual play or to discard it from their scenes. Same a sub might be fond of pet play but her Master dislike it. Again they have to do the same. What you say that you need to allow things to happen it is exactly what the SSC rule stands for and is for all of us in the lifestyle.
      To make sure you are into it first you need to have a level of comparison therefore trying vanilla relationship until you find the Master you are seeking is the best you can do. After all, we all had small or bigger experiences in the vanilla world. Now if BDSM stimulates you sexually or not you may only find it by experimenting on your own up to some point I guess. I will be honest with you, I am not sure I can provide you with the best answer. I always dreamed of dominating women and the first time I had the chance to do it it came out so naturally that even in my vanilla relationships I kept doing the same in a very indirect way.

  2. Hi and thank you for your comments.

    I will start by saying that definitely I do not want to upload stories for those who seek to jerk off but stories for those who wish to share their experience helping those who wish to learn by reading them.
    On the other hand as I say it is your space. I want this blog to be more than just mine. Certainly most of it will have my signature, my sign or my aura if you like but I want it to be more than that.

    This blog, and how I decided to build it, is for anyone who is interested in the BDSM lifestyle as a real life practice. If that is only for their education and knowledge or to learn ways to be active in it, that is something beyond my hand and power.
    This blog is something as an answer to the fifty shades, a book that I find dangerous for the community and those who are tempted to join it. As a conclusion i would say it both for BDSM readers and BDSM fans.

    Yes I am 37yo and that is also that makes me think a lot of my futures. I always believed the woman should be the younger between two in a relationship as this works like a charger for the man. I consider reasonable any difference no more than 10 years. I believe people with such a difference are strong enough physically, sexually compatible but the same time there a lot of things to discover together.
    Young and mature. It makes me smile as it sounds like me this time. Everyone always used to say not to act the ways I acted when I was a teenager. Everyone kept saying that I am too mature for my age and that it wasn’t good for me.

    The funny thing is that now people say I have to realize I am at my mid 30’s therefore I can’t see life as if I were at my early 20’s. My answer is always one, my desire for life, fun and creativity will never stop be there even at the last day of my life.

    I never understood why people act according to a number and not according to their desires and how their heart dictates them to do.

    Anyway, you gave me the chance to think a couple of things and I am grateful for that same as I am for your contribution to this blog.

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