The slave servant…… Odalisque, the silent member of the lifestyle


After a long time and lot of delays at last I am updating. I decided to make a new post for something that not many are aware about. The ODALISQUE. She is part of the community though not many know what she is exactly. For me personally is the proof that not everything within the lifestyle is about sex and sexual torture. Some people just love to serve, obbey and follow orders. That is in very simple words what an Odalisque is. I will start with the etymology of the word as found on wiki as I believe it will help you clearly understand the concept. “The word “odalisque” is French in form and originates from the Turkish odalık, meaning “chambermaid”, from oda, “chamber” or “room”.It can also be transliterated odahlic, odalisk, and odaliq.”

There is a misconception that an Odalisque is sexual but taking into account the origins and the nature of her service she is not. In fact there was a possibility to turn sexual but that would mean an immediate change of status, in other words she would be no more an odalisque. There is out there a reading called  Code d’ Odalisque which is completely wrong since it claims there is only a sexual use of her. I have to admit it is a very elegant system of rules, protocols, and etiquette for the cultivation of a cock worshipping slave who is skilled in all things erotic and who is treated like a luxury.

Indeed an odalisque is a luxury and as such was gifted to Sultans in the Ottoman empire. The book that brings up this code though, has nothing to do with the real meaning of the “status” and was first written in the early 90’s by an Australian group. An odalisque is a slave (the term submissive does not apply to her) servant, forbidden to wear clothes (this is a later addition to how originally was) with the purpose of serving the Sultan’s wives.

In modern days I would say she is like a naked servant that will do all the work a servant would do dressed with little or no clothes at all depending on the desires of her Dominus or Domina. It is a luxury if you consider that not all of us may have the pleasure to be serviced by such a slave and I have to admit, I would love to have the experience one day.

That was a very short article in comparison to others but I believe there was enough of information.

2 thoughts on “The slave servant…… Odalisque, the silent member of the lifestyle

  1. “Odalisque” is a French word which entered English and means a concubine in a harem. “Odalisque” was always used to mean that, and by the end of the 19th century even Turkish writers (eg Melek Hanum) used “odalisque” when talking about concubines in harems.

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