About My Kinks

There were quite a few times receiving email asking me about my fetishes, my kinks and my desires. I will say that name any fetish or kink at all and I will say I love it (with a few exception like blood or scat). I consider my self as an extremely kinky and fetishist person with desires that grow more and more with the years. I am a lot into humiliation, dehumanization, objectification, degradation and many many more. How deep I am into all of these I can not say it for sure. Never ever had the chance to have a sub to be so limitless that will allow me to test my own limit to at least one of them. I am afraid I can go a lot deeper than I can even imagine. I am writing this to ask you when and if you wish to learn if I like something, do not just ask what I like, but go streight to what you want to know if I like and how deep I like it.

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