A very Interesting email about another world with a different background than the western societies


A couple of days ago I received an email from a submissive female from the Arab world. A muslim girl who wishes to live the lifestyle. I thought a lot if I should include all of her words as some of them might be considered by some people as racist or anything similar. In fact in the first place I let her know I will publish only some parts of her mail to avoid anyone take it the wrong way. Then…….. why on earth would I like to stop someone by expressing her thoughts? Who Am I to alter her wording or decide what is proper and not proper? After all, Internet is supposed to be a place of information with freedom of speech, not a place where anything politically incorrect will be blocked. To be honest I believe our world was a lot better before we invent that “politically correct” mentality but anyway. This woman is sharing some of her experience and express her own feelings regarding a world that is mostly unknown to many of us. We might have an Idea or personal opinions about it but for sure we do not have the experience. I want to make clear, what follows are the thoughts of the person who got in touch with me and NOT MINE. I publish them because if only 10% of it is exactly the way described some need to learn and be warned. By publishing her email it doesn’t mean I fully accept what she say nor that I by any means try to support racist ideas or hate against different cultures. I do not and honestly I believe she means no harm, only to warn people through her own experiences. Read it, you will find out a different world in front of you:

Master P

Hi, i have read some of your posts, its great to know that some real masters do exist. i really don’t know if it would matter to you or not, but i am in middle east, and the idea of BDSM is perceived badly in the society, well, much worse than any other place, they think BDSM is just Sadism and Masochism and some sort of sickness and abuse. as much secretive as it should be, the only place for BDSM fans to gather is online social networks such as Fetlife and Collarme, but the more shocking truth is that, those in middle east – considering that i want a Dom or Master in the same area- only think of BDSM as abusing the woman violently, whipping her, bleeding her, a house maid, their dog, and a sex toy for a one night stand. and they are the most disrespectful when i receive their msgs, and they directly say something like ” i will whip you until you bleed” or “i will fuck you hard” or “bitch show respect” or “what is your price” and surprisingly enough, they are all ARABS, and Muslims (so they say). I’m not saying that true masters don’t exist there, but seeing how it is, it is total disappointment. I’m not asking you to post anything about this matter, I simply wish to discuss the problems I encountered, at least maybe knowing about it could be useful to you or your readers.
the main problem is that ARABS in any country are like that, be it in New York, London, Tokyo , etc. they have the same mentality, they approach and talk as someone from a western country, and then it unfolds that they approached me because I am in middle east (as it says on my profile) and they want to have an Arab “Cam slave”. I am also ARAB but it is a shame to see how other Arabs think of BDSM. total disgrace.
then comes the other problem, maybe you already know about this that Muslims shouldn’t engage in premarital relations, but the fact is, most of them if not all of them, do it. so, even if they encounter a Muslim girl on these sites, they expect her to be a bitch and do it also. even if she is just trying to learn more about BDSM (which is my case).
there are also other older men (very few) in the area, above 40, who are experienced Masters when they were in their countries (western countries) and now they live in middle east without much activity in the area, because it is not a good idea to be careless here considering it is an Islamic country, but there is only enough chance to be friends with them, and learn from their experience. so, still no room to find the right Master.
and the other thing is that I have found many guys or BOYS, around 19 or mid 20’s who say they are “Expert Masters” , which is a funny idea to me, because i don’t know how a person this young can be an expert, when all they talk about is wanting “Cam slave”.
I hope to know what you think about my msg.
Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “A very Interesting email about another world with a different background than the western societies

  1. This difficulty she encounters, of the misconceptions of BDSM, are not only in her world….they are everywhere. I , single now for many years, and living alone, have recently decided to cast a wider net in hopes of meeting my match and perhaps ending my single life. As a true submissive, the words i choose to describe myself had a tone to them, to the astute it is obvious even in my everyday that i am a submissive. The messages i receive, the insults and never ending “your going to be my slave cunt” , are alarming …..they don’t get it…. Why don’t they realize its not about sex. I have spoke to a few, ( very few) whom i thought …perhaps….but a few simple question let me know that they are neither true, nor a real Master. When the answer to my query of how do you see your role as Master, and hers as your slave, is answered with selfish comments such as..”i will control you” or “i will fuck you so hard you will bleed” or dangerous kinks such as snuff…… i know they are not a True Master…. I await the one, who will be able to admit and is aware , that it is She who is his focus. They all seem to wish to ” Take ” her will…..do they not know it is something that is “Given” not “Taken” ….given out of Love, respect and adoration…
    No, it is not only in her world that the dom wanna be’s exist…they are everywhere.
    The poorly written 50 shades did nothing good for the lifestyle….now suddenly every frustrated house wife is a sub, and every horny perverted undersexed man is suddenly a dom master..
    Still, I am hopeful, that one day I will find a man who can and will appreciate all that i am….until then , i have the memory of my dear Master Vince to comfort me, May He Rest in Peace.

    1. I don’t feel i need to add anything to your comments. You said everything in a very simple and crystal clear way. Thank you for your input. Would you mind if I add your comment in my upcoming e-book?

    2. Master P , you may. I am honored that you would want to include my comment in your e book.
      if i may add Sir…i have searched your site for your email contact, but am unable to find it…..is this, the publicly viewed comment section, the only means of contacting you.

  2. From what I read, most of those people are NOT talking about BDSM at all. Just about abuse and fetishes. They shouldn’t be one the websites in the first place.
    Any real Master will never say that he is an experienced Master, or that he knows everything. He or She won’t need to.
    I do find your email interesting, inspiring in a weird sort of way. It makes you realize how people (and so many of them) perceive BDSM. It’s a lifestyle, a need, and if one is lucky a love and trust relationship. And TRUST is the main focus.
    It is unfortunate that so many think of the lifestyle as an easy way to abuse.
    I do hope you find the Master you are looking for. Good luck to you

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