As I write for my book I thought to share with you this small part as I argue about the gorean lifestyle:

One last thing that makes me worried a lot, is seeing some people claiming they live a Gorean lifestyle in real. For those who don’t know about the Gorean literature I will just provide you here the Wikipedia description

“The Gorean philosophy is a philosophy espoused in the science fiction novels by John Norman. A number of fans of Norman’s work have attempted to live their lives according to this philosophy
The most conspicuous Gorean departure from mainstream modern norms is that Goreans promote sexual master-slave relationships. Some of this philosophy is concerned with “order of nature” and the relations between men and women, which may or may not take the form of a master-and-slave dynamic.”

Well, it is not exactly a philosophy, as no philosophical movement may originate by science fiction novels otherwise the Jedi are real and Darth Vader is coming to kill us by his thought. Telekinesis and all the related theories regarding the power of our brain might be correct, that does not mean Start Wars is a reality and we may live by it.

The same goes with the Gorean world. What Norman did was build a huge fictional world based on the BDSM culture that of course he changed or added elements according to his own personal ideas. As a novel I would say it is not bad to read it but keep in mind it is a Fictional world not a real one. I will not argue more about the Gorean lifestyle, I only want to say I had the “luck” to meet a few people claiming they do not believe in BDSM but in Gorean.
Let us place everything in order, shall we?

3 thoughts on “Gorean Lifestyle or Philosophy? A comment regarding Gorean literature from my book

  1. Two of my dearest and closest friends in the lifestyle proclaim to be ‘Gorean’. They are, indeed, a M/s couple, and many of the things in their relationship are similar to the Gorean way of life portrayed in the books, but no one, except perhaps cavemen, ever lived (or could live) the way described in the books.

    Because I love them beyond words, I simply say nothing at all when they say they’re ‘Gorean’.


    1. 🙂 Exactly, many of the things are similar but not same and not all of them. That is my point, it is quite impossible to bring this lifestyle in reality. I love the jedi and I can have an approach in this life similar to the jedi, even claim I am one but that will never make me a Jedi :p 😉

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