Thoughts For My Book

I am considering a lot the structure my book will have. I do not want to write down a novell as my desire is the book to be a reference in the reality of BDSM lifestyle from my point of view therefore it will be similar to this blog. Nevertheless I do recognise that novell elements might be useful in the sense of describing in a better way what I have in mind. So it might be a “hybrid” of reality and novell but clearly distinguished in order to avoid any confusion to the readers.

For now I have a few ideas for chapters (I greatly thank you all who sent me suggestions) that will include the subjects of respect, the history of the lifestyle, social, scientific, theological and more. For now I am writing the introduction and the first three chapters that will analyze the BDSM emblem, the different types of submission and the historical background. As you understand and know, same subjects were or will be touched through my blog but the book as I plan it, will go deeper and be more analytical in everything. Keep sending me ideas and suggestions and feel free to contribute in any way possible if you would like to.

If you are an artist, photographer or poet, I would love to get in touch with you to discuss how you might be able to contribute in this book not matter if you are a pro or amateur.

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