Pain? Yes but no bruises nor permanent marks. Respect her body and her gift, don’t be a savage.


I was thinking about this as I was searching some BDSM related articles over the internet. Actually I was seeking to find something about spanking and naturally I got over some pictures or videos from the porn industry that made me think I should talk about this with a new article. You see, in some (or many) porn movies the seem to go a lot over the line and make it look that a sadist is the person who abuses his submissive or slave. There is a joke though that actually defines in a funny yet perfect way who or what a sadist is. According to that joke a masochist goes to a sadist and and start yelling or some times begging “hurt me, bite me, cut my body in pieces, burn me, humiliate me, abuse and use my body in any possible way that will give me pain, degrade me”. The sadist stands still and looking at her grinning  then she starts again, “hurt me, bite me, cut my body in pieces, burn me, humiliate me, abuse and use my body in any possible way that will give me pain, degrade me………for fuck shake do something to me, say something”, then the sadist grins and says in a calm and soft way “NO”. How sadistic is this? How a simple no like this can actually hurt that masochist more than anything else? I do hope you all get the image and you can picture in your imagination a scene like that. 

You do not need to bruise your submissive, abuse or make her bleed to torture her. You just need to know were, when and how you will strike. If you spend enough time to get to know her deeper and more accurately then you can actually give her a lot more pain with a lot less effort and without getting in danger to ruin the most beautiful creation of nature that is the female body. Getting back to spanking I would like to say that I love it up to the point that her ass will get from pink into a bright red full in heat. It is just before the point of start getting bruises or bleeding (in case of canning). Do not let the porn industry or some sick guys mislead you that BDSM is about destroying and mistreating your submissive and her body. It is exactly the opposite no matter how strange it sounds. We DO FUCKING RESPECT our girl and for that exact reason we care to know what we do on her and how to AFTERCARE of her. 

I love the softness of the female body and I bet I am not the only one. I hate when I see they try to make women think they need to work out up to the point they get a very tight almost with muscles body. Female beauty is connected with softness, the beauty of the softness is like a mirror to how fragile a female is. I love a fit and slim body, it is so sexy but the same time it has to keep its softness. I like an ass that shakes when she walks and is not hard like stone ( as a male ass even if it is fat). And no, I do not want that ass to shake because it is fat (a new trend originating mainly from porn) but because is soft. I do like when grab her thighs to feel there is flesh and not her  muscles. Do not ruin and lose one of the elements that adds in your femininity girls, your softness as a body, as a soul and as a heart. Any male needs that exactly like that. It is that softness any Master want to Dominate and it is that softness again we should care not to ruin it with permanent marks and bruises but cherish and care as a soft flower that makes our life so much different. The picture of the model in this post, is Emily Sharpe AKA (Emily X), a real masochist as I believe, and some more pictures are following to show you what exactly I mean when I say slim but soft when I am referring to the female beauty…. well I am taking the chance to share a bit more of breasts bondage that I love and she is so perfect in that 😉 


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