Training your submissive in the best possible way is a very personal concept

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I do not like to talk a lot about training though I do realize many of you might want to see more about it. The reason I avoid to touch this subject that often is my belief that training is a very personal concept that might differ from individual to individual. Different submissives with different personalities will need different methods. It is like the question I see many times “do you like corporal or mental punishment?”. Well you can not apply corporal punishment to a genuine masochist so the question can not stand without knowing what type of submissive we face. Same goes with training. Nevertheless I decided to write a few things that I believe can always help you develop your submissive or if you are a submissive develop on your own. 

For any submissive who wish to develop her self, who might be a single, I would suggest the method of reflection. Actually that may also help a Dom to develop as well. This method is not something exclusive for the lifestyle. In fact I would dare say it has nothing to do with the lifestyle yet it may be applied and provide great results. According to this method you just have to write down your thoughts – describe events that took place in your life but from the point of view of an observer. After you write down the description you need to analyze all the actions made from you and what you feel needs to be improved. Identify what you have to do the next time something similar will occur in your life and how you plan to act in a better way. Keep all these writings in a file and from time to time review them. In time you will notice a lot of changes in the way you act and your expectations.

Another method is training your submissive providing her routines that might seem irrelevant to the lifestyle. The concept is more or less like the training of the young boy in the Karate Kid movies. For example, you may ask her anything she does in her daily life to do it starting from the left side if that is possible. When she gets dressed for example or when she is shaving her legs etc. What is the purpose of that? She is getting accustomed to the concept that she is acting in a way that is not her choice. She is learning to follow an order, a request rather than her will. You may think and figure out a lot of similar requests that eventually will help her get deeper in the idea of submission.

Remember one thing, submission is a mental activity and what you need to train is her way of thinking. Speaking about mental I found something online that I describe it as an effort to write something down in a way that will suggest some bigger knowledge. You know, people often in order to prove they have knowledge over a subject they try to prove it by providing a lot of irrelevant information. Eventually to those who have knowledge they prove how ignorant they are. Read the following please :

Mental training is next up in our examination of submissive training. Training
focused on the mental realm involves things like memorization, keeping a
journal, improving concentration skills (i.e., meditation), acquiring new
knowledge, improving problem solving skills and learning to bend the will more
effectively to that of the dominant through development of greater determination
to please and persistence to pursue tasks and assignments to successful
conclusion. While more specifically associated with sexual conditioning,
training a female submissive to orgasm on command can be considered a form of
mental training.”

That is not a submissive training, is a detective or a spy training. Get to earth people, you are not training soldiers not robots. You only help your submissive to grow into her the mentality of submission to the desired level by….HER. Exactly, how far she will get into submission is her choice not yours.

4 thoughts on “Training your submissive in the best possible way is a very personal concept

  1. so you’re saying that there’s no forms of training ideas that you would recommend for my newly committed sub? I understand the difference that every D/s relationship holds, and I agree that there should not be a cookie cutter approach to training a sub. That said, I wonder if you offer any kind of valuable steps to facilitate a newly forming D/s relationship? Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you for your comment. What I believe and suggest is that you have to find out your own way. Some concepts are same for all like discipline but since every human is unique and we are not the same psychologically, physically and mentally the whole concept of training should be tailor made based on our individuality not in any other way. It is not only a matter of how or who the sub is but also who, how or what the Dom is.

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