A lovely Idea or a Bad Idea?


I would like to see what you either Dom/Masters or female sub/slaves who read my blog think about the idea of wearing something like that for a whole day, from first light of the day, at your work place and all the time till  you get back home? Here is the link to check it more closely

11 thoughts on “A lovely Idea or a Bad Idea?

  1. Master P,
    I am a submissive Male and wouldn’t mind seeing pictures of Female Dom’s & their male slaves. What do you think?

    Thank you,
    Paul G.

    1. Hi mate and thank you for your comment.
      First of all the blog is a representation of my own approach in the lifestyle therefore reading my homepage you will notice I mention it as the world of Master P. I believe that makes it clear I am not interested in showing anything that is not appealing to me. On the other hand, though I have uploaded some pictures of nudity this is by no means a porn blog or intends to become one and I am happy to notice that those pictures with nudity are the less popular on my blog. This is an informative blog speaking of my own personal anticipation of what BDSM is and how may be practiced in real life.

  2. bad idea, I dont think it would be enjoyable for such a long period of time, unless punishing, causing pain and discomfort to your slave is what you are going for. But what do I know, I’m just learning about your world

    1. Thank you Kary

      Indeed this is something that some use it as a punishment method. We are all constantly learning in this lifestyle. If any claims that learns no more then that person is not a real lifestyler.

  3. I like this whole idea, I know I have been made to wear those little.love halls inside all day, and an anal plug, not at same time yet, thankfully, these panties look very nice indeed and I think when Master gets back I will show him the link. We have a pair of pants with two inflatable dildos and yes I have been made to wear them but all day, it was very distracting lol

    1. I enjoy pleasing my Master and if that is what he wants then that is how it has to be,

      I admit I did enjoy it though its a pleasant distraction from the daily grind

    2. No problem, its how we all learn by sharing thoughts ideas and opinions x

  4. I have often thought of this idea however I didn’t know someone had actually developed this; the only thing that I could imagine as a reality was an anal plug all day. This is a fantastic device.

    1. Why not to try both at the same time? Let us see what others have to say about the idea of a single or two way underwear like that used for a whole day

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