A deadly combination of fetishes

true mastery

I call this a deadly combination of fetishes in the meaning the excitement for me could easily give me a heart attack 🙂 Not really but just try to give you a description how a combination of fetishes in a scene can actually drive the excitement to the highest levels. As you know already I have many fetishes. You know I love tan lines therefore classic bikini is a must yet I have another strange fetish.  Female Sports  swimsuit is something I find very sexy. They way it embraces the female body, how the lines of the body appear and more. It is one of my first ever fetishes as it was developed since I was a young boy who was doing some swimming training at his early days. How girls were looking in the swimsuit was amazing, and still now that I am 36 years old still find my self to find it same sexy as I used to.

Let me take this fetish and combine it with pantyhose and puppy play. A collard puppy in sport swimwear and pantyhose. See the following images to understand what I talk about.

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