A submissive side

I was looking my blog again today scheduling some updates after a long time since my last post. I was thinking It would be interesting to add a page where a submissive female will speak more about the lifestyle from her point of view. Instead of asking from one I know, it would be a lot more genuine to be done from one I do not really know to secure maybe a point of view not influenced by my own personal ideas. So, if you are submissive with some experience in the lifestyle who wish to speak about it and help others learn about this world, please do drop me a mail with a few information about you.

Just to make clear, any post will have to be approved by prior to publicity just to secure it is in the spirit of the blog yet I do not intend at all to change your words or block you from expressing your self unless you plan to support body modifications.

2 thoughts on “A submissive side

  1. I would be honored, Master P, to be a guest blooger on your site. With 4 years of experience, I am a switch but identify more as a bottom. I had a Master at one point but am currently an unowned slave.

    1. Hello olivia 🙂 Thank you for your mail. I will arrange during the weekend to add you as an author in my blog then. I might add more in the long run and I am saying this from now as I wouldn’t like you to feel if it happens it is because I do not like what you write, it is only as I want as more as possible points of view from submissives. I believe you understand my dear online friend 😉

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