Don’t quit your dreams, don’t abandon your life, do not lie to your self!!

dream fire

It really worth living for a dream even if its “fire” will burn you.

Late update: 

That thought was in my mind during my way to work this morning. Thought now that I am home it is a good chance to drop a few more lines. Those words are taken from a poem and I truly feel we need to understand them. People seem to miss what quitting their dreams is. I listen to more and more of my friends talking about compromising, that I need to drop one or two of my ideas, stop chasing some “crazy” (to them) goals and re-consider my stance in life. Most of the times those discussions emerge from the fact that I am at my mid thirty and single. My answer to them, a suggestion and advice is that I have some principles and some dreams. Quitting them is like killing a part of my self. Compromising is like deciding to lie to my self. What I wish is to be who I am, stick to my principles and chase my dreams (and I am making word of professional and personal dreams) and if that fire that burns inside me to do so, eventually will be the reason of “burning” my own life, well, at least, I will be proud and happy that I never tried to be who am I not, that I never betrayed my soul and heart, that I was always honest and genuine with what I seek and what I need. For those who say to compromise, my answer is one: Compromise and you will find your self in 20 years living a miserable life, a life that you will have no control over it and a life that no escape exit is present. Just make sure you are not making other people life miserable as you will do with yours.

Now you can understand the following picture


Master P

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