That is exactly what I was thinking a few moment ago. It is a subject for a bigger article but until I do so I share with you a few lines regarding this thought. The female submissive knows exactly how to speak, when to speak, what to speak about, she is feminine beyond comparison, she is stronger than other females (it is wrong to take her as weak), she is elegant, sexy,perfectionist with her self, she never stops to attend her self to be desirable and never stops to attend the needs of her Dominant/Master. She knows how to attend her need and her Doms’ needs, she is opinionated (again is wrong to believe a submissive even a slave has no opinion and a strong one), she has a philosophy to support her lifestyle and she knows exactly what she does and why she does it. If that is not defined as a complete female then what?

2 thoughts on “The submissive female is the aboslute, perfect and complete female

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