A very interesting article from another blog. I suggest you all take some time and read it.

Intellectual Arousal

Perhaps we have E.L. James to thank for helping push the BDSM community out of the darkness and into the light.   Now the NY Times.  Ironic, isn’t it?  As fetish makes a comeback from the glory days of Hellfire and Vault, we ask ourselves if  perhaps we  enjoy remaining a bit in the dark?    The NY Times recently featured the well known club Paddles in a piece about the fascinating world of fetish..http://nyti.ms/YINowN.

It is nice to see the recognition and financial reward given to writers, designers, and advocates of the BDSM community as they do so much to keep us entertained, outfitted and in the right head space.

To be frank, I pretty much gave up on the “scene” in NYC .  I have been to events at Paddles and Iniquitas but as a single slave I  prefer to play privately and within my own groups…

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