No matter Master or slave we are human and we have feelings

As i will explain to another post later on there moments of our life we need to make a choice and some times that choice has to be different from what we really want or desire. We have to make the best choice even if that is not for own best interest. It does not matter if we are a Master or a slave, a male or a female, experienced or unexperienced, we just have to make that single choice. A choice like that will bring up emotions to anyone human enough to feel. In my life art is the way to help those emotions cool down, releash some of the steam i hold inside. The combination of the appropriate music with the appropriate lyrics is so relaxing, so benefitial i can hardly describe it but suggest you try it some day. Just close your eyes and let the music surround you. For such a choice i decided today to post a song that is stuck in my mind since i took it

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