It is Sexy, It is Sensual

Submission is a subject one can look from many different point of views and one of them is in Bed. It is a fact that many people who hate being told what to do in their ordinary life when it comes to sex they find that being dominated is a turn on for them. They find that being told what to do, how to do it, giving out control triggers their sexuality and drives it to the highest levels. For those who are not 24/7  into D/s I must say It’s possible to have a perfectly ordinary, loving relationship and also play with submission in bed. Don’t be afraid Continue reading “It is Sexy, It is Sensual”

Domination and Submission Discussion

Domination and submission is a behavior and a mindset that builds a certain dynamic in a relationship between partners. What many fail to understand is the possibility of not being sexual at all though usually the partners seek sexual pleasure through the practice. D/s is one aspect of the wider category of BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, and Sadomasochism) however some people are into all of the things listed under the term BDSM, and some only in some of them. D/s is generally distinguished from SM because it is more about power exchange. It is more mental than physical. Continue reading “Domination and Submission Discussion”

Sexual McCarthyism

You can find plenty of things to envy in America but not the “moral panic” emerging from time to time. After the Salem Chapel of the 17th century, after the Mccarthyism of the 1950s, today another hysteria is taking over the USA moving slowly to Europe as well: the panic of sexual harassment. Continue reading “Sexual McCarthyism”

Submissive or Girlfriend?

I believe the answer in this question is mostly personal interpretation and not a subject of some rule or “lifestyle must”. However I do believe there is a great misunderstanding which I would like to explain. Apparently my approach is based on my personal preference which can be simply described by submissive girlfriend.  Continue reading “Submissive or Girlfriend?”

Age Difference in Relationships

Hello all,

It has been quite some time since I last posted something on my blog and today that arrived back in London from my summer holidays thought to upload an update. Nothing major or big as I do believe the information available on the blog are enough for everyone who wishes to do a research about the lifestyle. What is really in my mind and would like to share with you my thoughts is age gap in a relationship.  Continue reading “Age Difference in Relationships”

Not part of the community

This is possibly my last post as I don’t think I will keep updating this blog anymore and to be fair the past year (couple of years) I am not keeping up with updates that well. I might post an article now and then however I don’t see the reason to claim this blog is active anymore. In the same way I can’t consider myself part of the BDSM community anymore. Not that I turned vanilla or that with a magical way my fetishes and kinks are not there anymore. Quite the opposite but the way the community develops can’t make me say I am one of them.  Continue reading “Not part of the community”