Marci Neva Sine Qua Non

This post is a personal one so it might not connect with all of you. It is also more my need to say some things to the most wonderful woman I ever met in my life and for a moment I lived the dream. However it looks like my life is a series of pain with small breaks of happiness. The story starts back in 2015 when online (I use a lot a platform called IMVU) a girl jumped in my room saying a “Hey” and it was so obvious she doesn’t really know of BDSM Continue reading “Marci Neva Sine Qua Non”

Toughest Period

The toughest period is the transformation period. That period that you have to break all the mental chains and obstacles of the so called “normal”, look your real image in the mirror, love and embrace your natural urges/desires, understand your nature, identify the path and finally take the journey into the world of Domination and submission. No matter if you are a top or a … Continue reading Toughest Period